Commissioned to serve and plant Hoyt Memorial C.M.E. by Rev. Robert Williams of Williams Memorial C.M.E in High Point, North Carolina. Hoyt is the by-product of Williams Memorial…, an extension, if you will, but orchestrated by the Holy Spirit. We started out having services in our home after three months, the Lord saw fit to bless us with a space provided by Positive Youth Attitude Center under the leadership of Pastor Kerry Richmond, who was holding his worship services in the same location, and as God elevated Pastor Richmond, he thought it not robbery to allow Hoyt Memorial to his space  temporarily, which  located at 229 North Graham-Hopedale Avenue in the city of Burlington, North Carolina. No RSVP needed, just stop by anytime for Sunday School @ 10:00 am or Worship @ 11:00 am or visit our website for other opportunities http://www.hoytmemorialcme.org


William's phone 246


William's phone 245


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